The traditional definition of boudoir is a woman's private bedroom, today boudoir photography is very open for interpretation! I define boudoir as the invitation by a women to get to know her in an intimate way, and it can be done in any setting that you want to feel sexy in or feel sexy in, including the studio, a hotel room, the lake, or anything else that might tickle your fancy! My studio is set up like you might imagine the opposite of a man cave, I think I will call it a femme den! Boudoir for me is intimate portraiture, I personally like to offer a mix of glamour and boudoir for my clients as I know some of you ladies need to ease into or out of your clothing! 

What is boudoir photography?

How does the session work?

The first step is to contact me, or book the session through the link, from there I send you a questionnaire to get to know you and we plan your pre-session consult, this is a chance for us to get to know each other a little bit before the day of your session, and get a feel for what you would like from your session. The day of you will have your hair and makeup done in the studio, you have a say in your makeup we usually show you a chart to help determine how light or dark you want to go! This is a must for me as it helps you get comfortable and mentally prepare. Then once you are done we go through each outfit and shoot it and I guide you every step of the way. Once we are done we will schedule your reveal/ordering session, and from there you will choose what photographs and products you want to take home. 

Do you photoshop?


I do some editing and retouching, my goal with retouching is to redirect you to the parts of your body that you have told me you love and maybe a little less attention on the parts of you that you are still learning to love, with that being said I still want you to step a little out of your comfort zone because I believe this helps you learn to love yourself more. Don’t fret over the blemishes like acne, cellulite, bruises, We will discuss scars and stretch marks in our pre-session consult, as some women wear them with honor but dont feel bad if you want to see yourself without.. I totally understand both sides. Editing for my style, along with blemishes is covered in the session fee. 

Will my photographs be online, can I  choose not to share? 

I respect your privacy to the fullest, and I take it very seriously! Every photograph you see shared has been done so with the consent of the person in the photograph. I am so grateful for every women that gives me the go ahead to share their photographs. I do understand that some can not share their photographs or identities due to their jobs, or other obligations that require privacy. If you give consent to share I will never tag you, for privacy reasons however you are more than welcome to tag yourself!

When you come in for your reveal you will select the photographs you are wiling to share and a general directions on how they are shared. Sometimes my ladies will ask me to share one from thier session either in the privat group or on other plantforms and I am happy to do it and sometimes they share when they get thier order in!


It's totally normal for panic to set in and the idea of wearing lingerie or less in front of someone you barely know who has a camera in her hand is terrifying! You start the I don't have anything to wear downward spiral and sometimes it stops you from actually booking a session! First I want to say you don't have to go buy something new for your session but you can! I will help you every step of the way as much you need! We want you to look good, feel fabulous and comfortable during your session! 

When you book your session and lock in your date by paying your deposit, you will receive a session guide and a lingerie guide with tips to help you shop whether it be your closet or a store. I have a few pieces on hand, and maybe a few shoes, I have a love for shoes and if you have been following me for awhile you might remember my original logo had a shoe in it!! I love when clients can bring items that are special to them or they fell in love with. You are welcome to look through what I have in studio when planning your session. I do offer to go shopping with you and help you find pieces that will inspire us both during your session! It is an add on to your session fee but totally worth it! 


Do you provide outfits? I don't know what to wear! 


Your comfort during your session is important and each session is as unique as the women I am working with. During your consultation we will talk about styles and photographs that you love and inspire you. For your session you can wear what makes you feel empowered! I call my session a mix boudoir and glamour as some feel a fitted dress is pretty revealing. I do encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and bare a little more than you may have thought you ever could. It is truly empowering and you feel even more amazing for doing it as you know greatness exist just out of your comfort zone! You do not have to do fully nude, but if you wish to we can create beautiful images with any amount of clothes you are wearing!

Do I really have to bare it all?

I believe this day is about you, and you deserve to be pampered, hair and makeup just adds that little extra to the session. I also believe that your time in the hair and makeup chair is a way of easing into your session, for some it’s the cushion or relief that they don’t have to jump straight into taking their clothes off and posing in front of the camera! We will ask you what kind of look you are going for and work with the stylist to create a look that works with your personality and what you are wearing.

Can I do my own Hair & Makeup


The sessions generally take place at the studio, I have worked to create a studio that is cozy and inviting!  I always encourage you, if it works for you and you love your home, bedroom, hotel or another location to choose those as it creates photographs that are you. Most women do their first session in the studio and their second, third sessions in locations they love. We can explore locations that you want or fantasize about doing a session at!


Where do the sessions take place? 

I require individuals to be 18 and over for any session that would include lingerie, or suggestive photographs. If you are under 18 and would like to do a makeover, and photo shoot experience I would love to do that for you, but a parent must be present for your session. We can do a styled shoot or fashion look. 

Is there an age requirement?

These questions seem to be the most ask, the ones that bring the most fear, that you’re not camera ready, that voice inside your head that says you’re not enough, not pretty enough, skinny enough, all of those awful things we say to ourselves. I don’t expect you to be a super model, but I want you to know you are beautiful and this is why I do what I do.

I do not expect you to know how to pose yourself, I will pose you from head to toe, and work with you to create the expressions and poses to create the look you are going for.

You are never too old to do a boudoir session! I adore my older clients as they have a sensuality to them that only comes with life experience most of the time I tell my more mature women that they could teach the younger ones a few tips and tricks!

I don't think I can be sexy, I am not a size 0, I am too old. 

We look at every situation individually, your session deposit is non-refundable but goes towards your session. You must cancel your session 14 days in advance, and if you need to reschedule we ask that you do that at least 14 days in advance as well, and reschedule within 2 months of cancellation day!. We understand that life happens and will take every situation into consideration, I do schedule session at least 2 weeks in advance, because I book the stylist and want to ensure that you have time to prep for your session! A rescheduling fee will be incurred if cancellation happens between date of session and 14 days prior to the date of the session. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Why should I do a boudoir session? 

You deserve to have a day to yourself! We all want to look and feel like those girls we see in ads, be pampered and celebrate you! I know it may seem selfish but trust me you deserve it, no matter how many times you have told yourself you’re not worth it, that you are ugly or fat that voice is lying to you! You don’t need a holiday or special occasion to do this, and although it makes and awesome gift for that special person in your life, everyone agrees after that it was just as much a gift for themselves!

I am dedicated to make the experience as comfortable as possible, everyone on my team is female and they are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and upping your beauty game, I never want you to feel like you are a completely different person but I would love for you to step a little out of your comfort zone a little. I am told I am a very calming and relaxing presence, I will always share personal stories with you to help feel at ease and If you are so nervous that you would literally pay for a session then turn around and go home, I am the girl for you, don’t turn that car around, and this is also why we do pre-session consults because If gives you a chance to meet in person and help ease your nerves a little!!!!

What makes Susan Lundmark Photography Different?

How do I book a session?

You can click the button below to book or contact me to schedule a meet & greet!