It slowly got better!

My goodness what a week, last week was!!  I spent last Sunday night with the feelings of doom setting in, our youngest daughter came down with the stomach but Friday, she woke me up in the wee hours of the morning to let me know that her supper had made a reappearance, my husband who was half awake saw her come in but pretended to be asleep so as to watch the unfolding of the “scare mom awake” act I event, which I don’t think I did that well on part of the performance, oh well I didn’t know I was part of the act I had no time to practice! Then the husband came home from his part time gig amidst an impending snow storm to inform me the pizza we shared was now in some parking lot of some apartment complex (to the person who discovers that after the snow as melted away I am sorry). Have you ever dealt with a man with the flu I love him dearly but there may have been a moment where if he hadn’t been sick I just might have punched him, I mean really I can’t get two different things from two different locations at the same time, he doesn’t remember this! So thus, Sunday night after our youngest daughter was feeling good, the hubby had finally felt at ease and comfortable enough to rest and fight of the flu bug, I sat here writing my first blog post in a few years. I knew it was coming, don’t you wish there was some magic pill to take when you can feel it coming! So, Monday morning I woke up and we won’t go into details but it was not fun as you can imagine. After the worst of it was over it took me several days to feel fully whole again! All this happened while a storm and 10 inches of snow fell, I love snow storms, I had cleaned the house so everything was done so that when the storm hit I could sit with a cup of coffee and watch the pretties fall and collect on everything, but i missed it, I was so in a fog I really had no idea! 

I had meeting scheduled with a few lovely ladies this week which had to be rescheduled I am so sad I couldn’t function and they were either snowed in or sick themselves,  

Our oldest daughter came to spend some time with us, of course the youngest was more excited to hang with her than she might admit, ;) I mean she almost 13 so you know teens! 

I got a chance to deliver albums and photographs to a few ladies. Two of them got albums, they choose my new upgraded album option that comes with a folio! Last year I was doing the session and digitals all in one, while that worked for most people, I know how digital images work we get the USB which I love mine it is gorgeous, we pull them up on our computer or phone and look at them and then get forgotten about, they are photos that are unforgettable but as we know how busy life is we sometimes forget to do the things we were going to do with them like make a book or print some of them for various reasons, so, I am getting you to make a decision right away on what you want and getting it ordered! With that though know that we can figure out what will look good on your walls if you dare hang them!


We ended the week hanging with grand baby, she’s an ever-smiley delight, although the terrible twos are coming!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!

With nothing but love! .