Let’s try this again!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was great, and your week is even better. A little intro of me, I will go more into detail of all that is me on a future post but to get things started, i will share my plan or my thoughts on blogging or just ramble on for a paragraph or two about myself, and see where it takes us!

(A few selfies (one shot by my friend Joey, thanks for pushing the shutter for me lol) for visual interest, and because why not, and truth is I have only recently actually liked pictures of myself last one because I do love my mermaid hair!) 

I’ve wanted to blog forever but for some reason I thought a successful blog entailed almost daily posts, constant creation of content and the reality is I cant make that happen, not at this point with this sort of one women show i have going on!  I tried blogging sessions in the past but it felt like slapping a few images and a few lines together didnt seem quite right either. I am terrible with words, putting them together to sound intelligent, well thought out and entertaining is something I need a lot of practice with. I am a little bit of a quiet introverted feelings sort of person, every session I have a connection with my  “client” for lack of a better word, everyone different and unique in thier own way. I feel the feelings but putting them into words is a real struggle for me. I thought making a blog that was personal on my business page might seem egotistical or take away from my mission somehow. That however was a silly of me to think that way wasnt it, because sharing my story is important, deep in my soul I knew this. When I am with my clients whether it is while they are in the hair and makeup chair or we are discussing thier birth plan (I do a little birth photography as well feel free to ask me about it ;) ) I always end up sharing part of my story, a personal struggle or tid bits of my life, I figure if you are going to be vulnerable in front of me its only fair that I do the same!  

So I am restarting my blog once again! My plan is do a blog post every Monday, I used to dislike mondays but the more I work for myself, the more I put myself into my work the more I love what Monday’s bring.

The intention was to do a video, and audio version of this but we ended up with a 24 hour flu bug in our household which seems to be making its rounds and I’m afraid it might have its target on me next, I’m trying to meditate, mind over matter it away but I don’t have high hopes and I generally am an optimistic person but lets face it I have been caring for the family this weekend getting all up and cozy with this virus though I tried very hard to keep it at bay.