I Fell off

Well I was trying to not fall off the blog wagon but I did. A lack of planning ahead caused me to to get into this situation, also adding more to my day didn’t help but what I added is important so that forgives me a little?.. Maybe?? When I looked at the calendar it has been almost a month! I have already created notes in my OneNote notebook for each week so I can start making notes, planning what I want to talk about, share, drafts and all that fun stuff! I not only want to share my life, my business, but I hope to give you some value when you come to visit! For now a lot of little things have happened since I last blogged so read if you want!

We celebrated our youngest daughters birthday, it was planned sort of last minute, my fault, but she wanted a small celebration at the studio and a sleep over. Her birthday was the same week as spring. When we lived in Kentucky it was often her birthday the first time we played outside since winter, I mean in Kentucky we could have played outside earlier than the week of spring but I think we became used to the warmer climate. The day we planned for her first teen birthday also ended up being the first official spring snow storm!! School got out early so we picked up her and her friends from school and hung out at the studio. Luckily most of her friends could come as we picked them up and one grandma braved the snow to bring her other friend, I think they live close. We had fun despite the storm and I did a Re-haul of organization in my office it was awesome lol!

Have you heard of Jellybean Street? My dear friend Sarah does Jellybean street of North Dakota, It is an organization based out of Australia that has recently came to the US. It is an event for kids, that also benefits charities and parents get a little something out of it too! The basics of it is you sign your child up for a art project workshop when the kids to a variety of art projects, which Sarah then saves the art and takes pictures or scans it and send them off to a graphic designer who then creates art with components from the art your child has created . You then get to choose art to hang on your wall and the pieces are put up for sale on their website and you get to choose what charity you want the profits from their art to go to. I signed up my granddaughter for the workshop that was held at the discovery center. She is barely 2 but had a blast and was really great for a toddler! I gave some specifics to the graphic designer and hope to have something to hang in my office, I am super excited to see the result!

Back in January I think it was my friend and hair girl, asked if I would like to take a road trip to Williston as she had made an appointment for a tattoo with Christine from Pretty in Ink. I said sure I love ink, I love watching Tattoo artists work. I also just love tattoos, and hope to add to my budding collection some day.

The night before we were supposed to go she asked me if there was a small tattoo I had wanted. It’s was kind of funny she had asked that because in the last few weeks I was talking to my husband about how I would like some inspiring words on my  wrist or arm to remind me to take care of myself so to speak. I wanted words that reminded me to meditate, to take of my body physically and to never let go of my goals and dreams. As much as I have thought about this tattoo I had never really nailed down the words or font, so when I was put on the spot to put it all together it was much harder than I thought it would be! I decided to go with Breathe, strength, and focus. So I was suprised with a quick tattoo before she had sat down for hers!

A long time ago in a world far far away I was a person who organized movies and music by genre and alphabetically, I was a little bit OCD I suppose. Then I had a baby, and a 7 year old pretty much full time. Looking back I realized that I may have suffered from postpartum depression on some level. Also having kids changes things for sure! But when I started doing photography I thought I had a handle on it and it wasn’t terrible organization it just wasn’t as good as it needed to be, so I took all of my receipts for the last 5 years and re organize and got new file folders for everything!

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  We got to spend the night before decorating Easter eggs with our grand daughter. We did the shaving cream method it was a lot of fun, at first Aubrie was not sure about the shaving cream and then it became a little bit of a game, and then end she was not impressed and covered in it!

Years ago when our youngest daughter was not even a year old yet, I took a job with a local company that is a vacation package sales company who worked with an airline that flew out of Minot. I know locals will know what company I am talking about, anyway I quit there as we moved to Kentucky at that point. Even though I have my own business I have considered applying for a job there, I wanted to keep working my business many of you probably know I have done Photography while working part time jobs, in March of last year I decided to do it full time. We have debt from a variety of things, life happens, lay offs happen, all the thing happen and sometimes you just want to get rid of it as soon as you can, so when I saw this company was hiring I decided to apply. For me I don’t love sales (with this company I will be doing more service on existing vacations) my strength is in customer service, I love helping my clients vs selling to them.  The training for this job is Monday through Friday but once that is done I will have a schedule that will allow me to continue operating my photography business how I would like, which is super exciting to me. 

This opportunity will also help make it possible to attend more workshops and educational opportunities for photography. I am super excited for that possibility! Anyway I believe having debt paid off will help me operate my business better as I will feel more at ease and give my guests more of me in a better place!