Happy Monday!

Happy Monday morning!!! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I cant believe it was St Patrick's Day already. I hope that despite this snow we keep getting that spring is on it's way! I know I am so ready for it. Last week was just chaotic, a disruption in routine is not necessarily a bad thing but it sure causes it to be more challenging to stay on task and I know I .. yeah I didn't stay up on all the things I needed to get done, like finishing this blog post in time to create a vlog to go with it. I will admit being on video is super uncomfortable for me and even though I have done a few lives in the private women's only group it still is unsettling! I hope to get there soon .. I just have to remind myself to be patient and kind to myself! 

In January I chose brand ambassadors! I was looking for women who were passionate about body image, self love, and self care. We did their sessions the end of last week, if you follow me on snapchat, instagram or my private group then you already got a sneak peek! 

I will introduce each of them in more detail at a later post! 

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